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The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 2023 Cancer TIME Student Tutorial

Updated: Mar 2

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine offers a series of Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine (TIME) courses as part of its Genes to Society medical student curriculum. As part of this year’s Cancer TIME program I taught the Frontiers in Cancer Therapy track with Dr. Shawn Lupold from the Department of Urology. This year was the 7th that Dr. Lupold and I taught. We had a record-breaking 11 students sign up for our section. Several of the students who selected this track planned to pursue post-graduate residency training in diverse specialties that include cancer care and others stated that they just wanted to improve their knowledge of cutting-edge cancer treatments.

On the first day, Dr. Lupold and I presented a cancer overview lecture on new approaches to cancer therapy. Dr. Lupold presented on new molecular cancer treatments based off the Hallmarks of Cancer. I presented an overview of game theory and adaptive paradigms for cancer treatment. Each year brings many new molecular treatments and adaptive dosing approaches for optimal outcomes.

On days 2 and 3, the students presented a recent article they chose from a list of over 40 new curated articles Dr. Lupold and I created.

The topic categories included;

  • Prevention

  • Microenvironment mechanisms

  • Targeted therapies

  • Combination therapies

  • Immunotherapy

  • Gene therapy

  • Biomarker targeted therapy

  • Therapeutic dosing and tumor response; and

  • Cancer physics, computation and information

  • A new category this year was “drugging the undruggable targets”.

“This is an exceedingly rewarding experience each year I teach the course. I learn a lot from the high level discussions by these outstanding Johns Hopkins medical students.”- Dr. J. James Frost, of BioMolecular Imaging.

The publications presented by the students spanned a wide array of topics. There were 5 articles that dealt with cancer prevention. There were 3 on clinical trials that focused on the polio virus, IDH mutants, and high folate alpha expression. A cancer screening article examined the role of MRI in prostate biopsy for prostate cancer.

A game theory article dealt with optimization of treatment for prostate and other cancers. Finally, a truly novel approach examined the scientific feasibility of silencing mutant KRAS by inducing its misfolding and aggregation, much like amyloid aggregation in the brain.

The 2023 Cancer TIME Student Tutorial Articles:

For more information on the molecular imaging aspects of cancer characterization, treatment, and monitoring, please visit BioMolecular Imaging, LLC

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mike allen
mike allen
19 мая 2023 г.

Thanks for sharing this selected reading list!

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