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Dr. J. James Frost | Cancer's Intelligence Part 3

Updated: Mar 2

Dr. J. James Frost Professor emeritus Johns Hopkins University & President of Bio-molecular Imaging, LLC recently published "Cancer's Intelligence" where he talked about how one common manifestation of human computational intelligence is recreational game play, including the most challenging games of chess, go, and poker.

A series of recent publications on artificial intelligence for Texas hold’em poker caught Dr. Frost’s eye and led him to contemplate how intelligent a human must be to be an expert poker player and by analogy, how intelligent an oncologist needs to be to beat cancer.If the game against cancer is anything like the poker example, an oncologist would need to possess extremely high intelligence to win in a game with cancer.

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The question of whether cancer bluffs is one that Dr. Frost examines, looking at dormant periods of cancer growth – when confronted with an onslaught of chemotherapy and radiation – only to restart even faster growth once the oncologist ceases therapy, believing the cancer to be controlled.

"Is there a parallel to be drawn between bluffing in poker and bluffing in cancer’s game with the oncologist?"



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