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  • Dr. J. James Frost

The Metaphysics of Cancer

I am exceedingly pleased and fortunate to have a chapter contribution in the new book entitled Cancer, Complexity, and Computation, edited by Igor Balaz and Andrew Adamatzky and to be published this year by Springer.

The book has 15 chapters contributed by todays’ leading cancer theorists. My chapter, entitled What Cancer Is, examines the fundamental nature of cancer through an analysis of essence and ground.

It is the lead chapter of the book and can be found here: What Cancer Is.

What Cancer Is represents a conceptual integration of my previous two cancer publications, Symmetry and symmetry breaking in cancer: a foundational approach to the cancer problem and Cancer’s Intelligence.

This book chapter sets the stage for the future investigation of cancer and the understanding of cancer at bottom, in turn leading to its eventual eradication.

Cancer biologists, physicists, and clinicians will look forward to reading What Cancer Is and Cancer, Complexity, and Computation.

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