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 Dr. J. James Frost expands the discussion of intelligence as applied to cancer; computation and its limits and develops a new approach to advanced personalized oncology where elucidation of the patient's intrinsic cancer computational machine and its gameplay strategies, coupled to recent developments in AI human gameplay, including bluffing and deception, can lead to vastly improved strategies for the oncologist to defeat the patient's cancer.

"Is there a parallel to be drawn between bluffing in poker and bluffing in cancer’s game with the oncologist?"


Cancer’s Intelligence | Signposts and recommendations for new cancer research

"The grim plight of cancer continues to endure in the face of legions of targeted drugs, reams of cancer gene data, and multitudes of physicists and mathematicians on the attack."


Dr. J James Frost | Cancer's Intelligence Part Two

"The concepts summarized in this article squarely juxtapose the current cancer paradigm and the conditions for progress to a foundational level of understanding cancer and its intelligence. This new knowledge would necessarily lead to the development of novel measures to disrupt or reverse the cancer process. The road will be long and broad, requiring many disciplines to seamlessly stream together. It cannot be bypassed. The stakes are too high."